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Related article: Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 March 57th EDT 03 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Case No : Brother 2 Brother Chapter 6 2 Brother Brother Underage Lolita Galleries -n By Michael Martell Chapter 6 : Eric was early in the morning when you get a call from Karen, my agent, to the starting point of my book tour in Atlanta, Georgia According to editorial research it seemed that the ATL has been responsible for some of the higher sales of my book, and they wanted to win, while the iron is hot. Going to Atlanta was fine for me. I've been there before and love the city. Atlanta was a city of New York in the south. It was a black mayor, is a black police chief and n as the home of Martin Luther King Jr. Maynard Jackson, the first black mayor of a major city in the south and a Hartsfield -Jackson International who Airport was named. N was so much to see and do in Atlanta and I could not wait to see it again. I would be the opening of my trip to Atlanta, my editor had arranged for a few high PRoFile autograph sessions and a few of discourse. I was in Atlanta for three days and with the exception of the DC, Atlanta would be the longest I have in a city of the entire two-week tour. Two weeks on the road, touring with the book of my s. During this time, I want to take another appearance on Oprah, an interview Radio Tavis Smiley, an appearance on the Tom Joyner radio in the morning and the Today Show. Everything was so exciting, said Karen that I wanted to be treated as celebrities top. ' Scandal ' blowing up the list of New York best-seller and was ranked five seats with is a ball. It is expected to reach number one very soon. My family was very proud of me. My parents were very excited, my mother was very proud, and I said while I was in Atlanta was down to my Aunt needed Lula and members of the family were there, my father, who I like is a tense relationship, called to say he was happy for me. My brother Corey has been mPray for the fact that I wanted to be Tom Joyner Show curiosity n and my sister Kimberly wanted me to get on Oprah for his autograph. is all so wonderful was the only thing that s going to be Jermaine able to me. " We have this great campaign and I can not simply that kind of time out," he said. I told him I understood and I but a part of me wanted to say to hell with the job comes first, and this is one of those once in a lifetime n situations. Underage Lolita Galleries I talked to my friends. Shane in New Orleans. He said that back in the coming days and wished me luck in my tour. We talked about what happened to Sean at work. that s looked like Sean was better, but the violation would always be with him, and was something that I should live so, but eventually overcome. I have to Sean for everything that Underage Lolita Galleries had happened to speak. He tried put on a brave front, but I knew he was afraid. It seemed that Mohammed and Sonny lives in happy marrFDI luck, even with two teenage children running around the house. A brother Mohammed was lucky in my book. There what many of us want. A dedicated and loving husband, a nice house, and a financially comfortable family. I know why Muhammad was always smiling. André was also doing well. He seemed to accept his being gay n and, of course, it does not hurt, like a detective Julien Linton phineass as its people. All my friends wanted me to play well, and made ​​the commitment to remain. They acted like I went to another country or something. that landed at Hartsfield -Jackson Atlanta International and I n I remembered what I had said Karen. It would be a curious journalist me at the airport and the journalist would be with me for the whole book revolves n. When I was a massive airport, I saw a young and handsome beige Brotha complexion with a shield in hand with my name on it. In addition na he was a thin white woman with red hair and a pale complexion, is out of thand wore dark blue coat. I went with my handbag and introduced myself. Your name Jaime, imagine, and s been with palladium was published, the publication of my book. She seemed to be ok that the accent would be enough north of the nerves. I , wait until you enter the brotha with the characters, but intensified when it. " Hi, I'm Eric Williams. " I reached my hand to the n Brotha, the can not be over 22 May 23 This is not only a Brotha are colored complexion beige very well, but his bright brown eyes. He had a thin mustache and a thin beard chin. Her golden hair was used in the rows near corn. When I shook his hand, went with a firm grip, his eyes looked at me carefully. " Shakil Robinson Noble," he replied proudly. " is the driver for the next three days. " Jaime said, and a tone that I do not care for. For them it was just a driver, a utility does not people. that ignored them. "Hmmm... Shakil Noble Robinson,very interesting name. I bet it has some meaning. " noble face beaming as he flashed a beautiful smile. " Actually, there are n. Noble Sissel was a jazz vocalist and conductor. My dad was big into jazz n. Shakil is Arabic for beauty, quality education. "Yes, he was indeed nice and clean. It was not big, maybe 5 feet 10 or so, but was in good shape, great shape than I realized the dark suit he wore " Noble", Jaime interrupted. "Why do not you do the pockets of Mr. Williams n and take the car. "I really did not mind the negative tone. " Noble " he said," I also can help carry the luggage in the car. I does not travel light. " Noble smiled. " That's aight, I can handle. " He winked at me in passing that s my luggage ticket and then went to the baggage carousel. I turned to front of Miss James. She gave me a smile, and I threw it back, as that went to the door of the airport. we talked about my journey. I had a b early morningook signed by a local radio interview on a track the station, which was followed by a lunch of another book the firm. It was through the whole trip and I got tired n just listen. I just time for me to see even much less all the relatives of sight seeing around Atlanta. In fact, we were n ran. After I had arrived at the hotel long enough n to shower, change and a little time for me and that was right n to a dinner in my honor thrown by the publisher Palladium. Noble met us in the black limousine, luggage loaded into the trunk the car and then went to my hotel. I could not breathe when the limousine stopped on the terrace Georgian nobles the hotel. He was a four star hotel on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. Palladium has spared no expense, and Karen was right, that is treat me like most celebrities. I was away from the room that had blown n I was an attic andwas a luxury. " This is too much. " I gasped, as the hotel porter put my luggage in the large bedroom with a king- size bed. I wish Jermaine here now. The things we do in bed, could in the attic. Palladium sent a huge fruit basket, sparkling wine and flowers. "I'll see Pittypat on the porch," said James, as she handed me a card s. " You have my number if you need anything. I was then a different card, the name of Noble where n was. " Any time you need the driver call him and he'll be here. "Driver ? No noble thing can be said, was so hard to do? Jaime left after he took the phone and immediately called Jermaine. I could not wait to tell all this. when he said he told him all n a limousine ride through, the front desk for me, the roof of the hotel, n and the bed. But he did not seem as excited as I thought. n " is everything okay? "I asked. " Everything is fine, but I'm a little busy. "He said. " Oh, " I said: " I ​​do not want to interrupt, I just wanted that lets to know how things went. " "OK. " right? N " I'll call you later in the call. " "This is good... hmmm... I have a meeting late so if you let my voice E-mail a message and I 'll call you. "n " well, well. 'll talk to you later. " " okay, okay. " " I love you " I said. "Damn, I have to keep waiting for me. " Jermaine said the phone and stood there and stared at the phone in disbelief. What was only has happened? I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I found the remote control and turned on the TV, grabbed an apple from the fruit basket and began to eat it. Jermaine was angry with me? I mean, I invite you to come to , but had to work. Then it dawned on me. How silly of me. I am here with a time of my life traveling in limousines and staying at the Grand Hotel Suites has returned home to work in the ass and takes care of at home. I felt bad now. I was crunching the Golden Delicious apple, when I realized the news n is, And that we're talking about rappers infamous. It was planned to make another appearance in court tomorrow in connection with shooting and killing a fan at his concert in Atlanta. Since all these n passes infamous was everywhere, and if yours is not, then, that the Hannibal Kane and Infamous " famous lawyers, Harold and David Fordham Solomon n. The state of Atlanta faced significant firepower and I knew that as the team of Los Angeles during the OJ trial was the team of Atlanta go to your head handed to them. I saw that he went to live \\ \\ n Hartsfield -Jackson, where Infamous ' plane landed, and he its passage through the airport and screaming fans want to support it. Aníbal Kane was with him, Fordham, Solomon and a small army. Infamous security shook his own urban clothing line called ` Infamu ". Infamous was definitely a financial power. As the camera was followed by the airport could not believe my eyes when I saw NOBLs Shakil are Robinson, but the driver was not wearing the suit that s when I had collected, but he was using the famous "` Infamu "oversized throw back style of football shirts and pants wide. Noble and saw Infamous embraced in a hug, then left with him. Now, what was, I wondered. 19:00 and was going to get dressed in this place called Pitty Pat Porche. Jaime I had called back and asked me what to wear. She informed me that was elegant casual affair, so it broke my light colored linen suit, and it was kind of heat in the ATL. Reception began at 8 pm. I called the number I gave Jaime Noble and said that I would be willing and standing next to 19:00. Well, I was out before and had not Noble, no limousine. With 07th 15 I was always very angry with Noble and 07 clock was 30 I went sour. I was able to get a cab and took him Pitty Pat Porche. I can imagine what it was Noble with Infamous. Probably they were smoking and drinking and fucking around two bits Hoochie. Noble was high as a kite of shit. He had smoked two blunts n and drank three glasses of Henny and coke with his cousin, the infamous. all that shit on it to kill a knucklehead was crazy. If the fool had not stormed the stage after his punk ass is not dead. He got what he s you deserve for being stupid. They were Chillin 'n in this house Infamous remote place when he was in the ATL. It was the madness of fans , where infamous around and when he was in town called her Noble and her cousin, drink and smoke hanging. Noble was on the couch, his shirt and shows her sexy muscled chest. that s been just a movie Infamous last performance. He watched as infamous bloody hell was the head a little bit of chicken. is screaming and moaning as his cock hit it Infamous all. Noble not the eyes of Infamous ' ass. Damn, it lookedso. However, Infamous has always been a sexy motherfucker and all the women went to it. While Noble was the film has been infamous in the other room pitted with another chick 's head is down and another of his ' secret Gestures n. "It was noble cock hard as steel, watching shit infamous, the the girl from hell. With every beat of her ass and Noble flexible tail twitch. Loosened his pants and put his hands down and grabbed his cock and began stroking his cock while he kept his eyes on the TV screen. saw how the girls are fucking fucked and infamous. Noble closed its eyes and leaned back and the infamous image of a girl fucking faded infamous convicted. knew all the infamous ' Monster Cock in him a sense fill her ass. I could feel her ass fucked hard and infamous strong. he was willing to Nutt, but it was too soon, he wanted n a past, but it was too late. closed his eyes, grabbed buttocks when he came in my pants. " Oh shit! "Noble sigh. Getting up in the bathroom free hand washing and cleaning. I wanted to return and fixed another drink, he looked at his watch. 930th was intended to do something. "OhDamn!" Grabbed Noble his keys and his cell phone and realized that number of calls and leave messages for him. Ever fuck Infamous always have trouble. I wanted to lose the work fucking with Infamous. All right, I should have known, that a restaurant with a name like Pitty Pat had some ' the Wind "shit before the war and it was. The food was good, but I recalled the days of cotton. chambermaids wore hoop skirts as they walked around serving mint juleps stuff n that. the reception was for me a great feeling it was a lot of local booksellers, executives of palladium, the readers of my book and others. s were there to wish me luck and hear what he had to say about my book. I I'm bettert to make sure you miss Jaime discovers that took a taxi here instead of the sedan. Noble leaves me stranded, and I try to Brotha Protection. After several mint juleps I did not feel pain. Everyone loved me well and welcomed me to Atlanta and reception end. I was happy because I was ready to go. Jaime had offered to walk for the sedan, as he had to walk a couple of things with me. I have tried to go slowly and reach a certain way to get the plane in front of me. I Noble really did not get into trouble. We were at the main entrance the restaurant when the door opened and Noble, the use of his black suit. Jaime smiled at me then smiled and winked. " Are you ready to go, sir ? " Noble asked. Jaime looked at me and smiled. "I'm leaving tomorrow morning in the book n save, so get enough rest. " N " me," he said when he saw me enter his car. Then I turned to Noble. "Where the hell have you been? You know, I hadtake a taxi here? If Jaime had known that you must be a different UBM. " Noble raised his eyebrows. " UBM " Him bat " Unemployed Black Man ! " Riera n noble, and that's when I realized that it was under the influence of n or alcohol, drugs or both. " Noble you're drunk ? "I asked. " Yes.. just a little, but I'm fine to drive. "Noble said that the celebration of the door open for me. " Oh No! I'm not riding with you under the influence. "I said. " I'm fine to drive. I drove up here with no problem. "He explained. N I did not want to go with a drunk driver and if I had not so mint julep I have pushed back the limo to the hotel. I came to in the pocket and I pulled out my cell Underage Lolita Galleries phone.. I got to call back and speak to companies taxi which took me years Pittypat " Hey, that whatup ? "Noble said," You want a cab, if to have a limo? " ", and a drunk limo driver. No thanks, I know that breathing too much risk ", he said. " Hey I can go, I'm even better iflights a bit. " " Oooh also say that s all these dead and innocent drivers in their graves now. " noble brow furrowed, as if he's okay, do not have the hit was it was great for us all. Fortunately, the taxi stopped. " Then I 'm outta here. "Noble said. I looked. " Noble does not take it to the situation. " " I am your aight I already told you! " It broke as he got into the limo. I went to the cab, and I went my way and went Noble. was right to bed when I crawled back to the hotel n. I checked if I had messages. Karen called my mother cried : known as Lula, Underage Lolita Galleries but there was nothing about Jermaine. I looked up the phone and called him. for my dislike of my call was directly to your voice of e- mail. I left a message and told him what my night out and would like to s, I'd be here with me to share this great old bed, and I loved it. dream after leaving him a message I left. the phone ringing the hotel woke me with a jolt. Vi around disoriented before lifting the handset. " Hello?" I said, my voice thick with sleep. " Um... Mr. Williams? " N to stay and I looked at the clock. 00 hours was 02, he had been asleep for two hours. " Yes, who is that? " " Robinson is noble. " " Noble? " " driver", he added, as if I had forgotten. " I know who you are. It is two o'clock. " " Yes, I know... umm... I have a situation. " \\ \\ n "What is happening? " " Yes, whatup good that I left my the police. " good! Is not that a bitch! " He fell where? " "In the street from his hotel. The police were about to collide, but I told me to stay in the hotel and is a driving n \\ \\ client and that you sent me, get something to eat. " that exploded. " YOU KNOW ! You told the police that I sent you to move through the n find something to eat, who were under the influence? " " Wait, the official said that if it came to down and testify then that would be all square. " ", h NobleAll lost their heads. If I go there I could find in trouble. " There was a long pause and then he spoke. " You're right, man, sorry... E n only... I do Underage Lolita Galleries not know what to say and the first thing out of my mouth Search dass, sorry... " 'Noble, where are you ? " Underage Lolita Galleries " Here in front of his hotel. " " brought the police here ? " " well, I wanted to review the history and made ​​me, but here all is well, I'll do better. " Damn, I'm a soft touch of shit. Noble told him to keep I would have done in a minute. When I got off safely enough, that was noble Atlanta police officer and a well sistah. I said I Noble was my driver. I told him that when I say that I to eat something I had thought room service and was surprised to receive a call that my driver had stopped. I thought I sistah or history was so entertaining to just let the whole thing and said noble, if caught inthe way the rest of the night then he was bound in prison. " You want me to call a taxi?" I asked the police left. "How I can get my limousine when the cabin is home? " Noble asked. I would say that my problem was not shit, but I did not. I was tired and go to bed. I am the day before, we have both and it was because that is what he did he invited me to stay in my room in the attic gave him an extra room and welcomed him to sleep there. Once we get Noble up, took a shower and got into bed, but no go to sleep, as Noble sings or raps better in the shower. So I sat in bed and turned on the TV. Ten minutes had passed, and was Noble in the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and in my room n. Yeah, my brothas, Noble OHMYGODDAMN looked good! The beautiful beige the skin, slim body with muscles fucking thin sexy six-pack a double abs. Noble was a walk, taking into account all tempted God, and wanted to ªmptation to get behind me, and maybe even get behind the temptation. I glad I was sitting in bed, because I had an erection growing and I was more on my back... Well anyway. " Hey, I just wanted to come and say thanks for the help out. " Noble sounded so sincere and sweet, adding that me his sex appeal. Easy Big Fella ! Easy ! "No problem " I said, "Hey, is not this way in our early days as soon as is thought to begin. " He smiled Noble. He was the kind of smile that you want to back, smile and feel that makes it makes you feel good. "True dat.. well, look, I'm in bed. Sweet dreams. " Oh, yes, I had sweet dreams. Sweet and moist. When I saw him walking N out of my room, working in the ass, the towel to death. Turned on the TV Underage Lolita Galleries n and wondered how I took things into my own hands. was put on the back, legs spread wide, fingers plays with his nipples, his cock was like a world champion to be sucked into a champion No mothafuckin ' Sucker Dick. He liked theFeeling his PHD (Pussy Hammerin "thick ) in the mouth of a stranger like this mothafucka. That was glad that he shot in New York for the work they do so well was so well paid. " OOOOO... that's all... "Infamous moaned at his tongue coat Jimmie whole thickness, while tickling fingers slightly nuts. Yes, s really like that shit. Nobody gave it as not even driving chicken bone than bitches. He arched his back when he felt his favorite thick sucker ready to do whatever I wanted deep throat.... that's always led him Wild. I was so happy when Underage Lolita Galleries arrived and found his cousin Noble gone. Now, Noble was a sexy mothafucka and that was the word. Infamous had wondered whether Noble went down. I was not sure, but if cousin or not, must be hit. he knew that the films of noble as he worked on the clock secret when the heads of the chicken bones. In fact, by Hannibal, who let out some of the strategic arsenal, the sizepes sex'em to help his image as a thug, gangsta rapper. " OH DAMN! " Infamous let out. "Suck Dick... you understand it... ooooh mothafucka who understand !" I hoped he had brought some condoms because it was tear 'll ass until it was so much going on and it is necessary to obtain the pressure. "Get out of bed roll over and fuck. I want some ass! " Declared infamous. While Dick Sucker crawled into bed, putting n the stomach with her ​​ass and ready to go. Infamous his shit covered with a condom lubricated and she and the donkey, he suggests, really good. His cock was as a battering ram, and he was willing to mass mothafuckin ' ass n. In order to torpedo his tail like a mad to beat all 8 ½ inches in the hole out. Damn this ass ever losing was as firm as s was the first time they met again in New York almost a year ago. ' s If... Do you think the chicken 's ass tight for me, "he told his infamous n Dick came in and shot, only to strike again in these hot tightAss over again. " All for you, Dad! " " Yeah bitch! Yes.. " History of a crime that hit the sweet hot ass as hard as he could. I could feel ready, Nutt. Oh yes, yes... Shit that was a fine, first class ass. Hannibal had done shit good as it came across this piece of ass. Shit ! Oooohdamn it! "Infamous s called as a detailed view of your hot ass. He retired immediately to the left and back in bed, as n left through its post- peak body spasms. His body was alive and \\ \\ n tingling and after a little rest, to be ready to hit the juicy ass over again. But before he fully recovered he called at the door that Hannibal opened and Kane, man who had helped to to make known and infamous that kept him out of jail by the defind dos best lawyers in the world around him. " whatup Big Daddy? " Infamous, said when he saw the huge Hannibal Kane. Brotha Hannibal saw in the other in bed with infamous. He reached into his pocket peeled and five $ 50 bills n and handed it to him. " The party is over, and I am infamous work to do. " not so much with Hannibal Kane shit, I ask or bother to it. When they were alone Hannibal stood at the foot of the bed staring n Infamous in a wry smile on his face. " So WhatsUp, Big Daddy? " Infamous repeated. "I try to keep your black ass out of jail, stupid! " was dressed in a black Escalade with tinted windows, such as wheels through Atlanta in me to get hotel rooms. It was ever thus it. When was Infamous, Kane Hannibal always sure he was there either before or after the show to show. Infamous was a wild lover s in bed. He was able to catch one and liked cock cock sucking, infamous was 8 ½ inches, and loved every bit of this tariff. n over Escalade wheels could not stop looking at the amount of the life of my s has changed since last year. When I lost last year is a good thing, and had to . Last year, when I met a fool who destroyed my life. Last year when I woke up and realized it was time to do things for myself n right. I never thought it would be like to make it right. If I am told that my modeling career would be over, thanks to this fucking n fucking Dalziel and sex website with my bare ass to it, I would have said you were crazy. I have lived the high life in New York no income coming in and my only option was to accompany a payment. You need to do what you gotta do. Of course, make good money connect with Hell Infamous, which make great money. If Infamous want his cock sucked and fuck a donkey, I do and walk away with $ 1 500 in cash, tax free. Hannibal also hook me up with a video s work Infamous "videos and other things that keeps me going, but that s not what I wanted to do with me and my life. It was my fault that No I Mohammed lost and ruined the best thing in my life, but now was the time Council to fill again to get Underage Lolita Galleries going and that's what I would do. God as my witness. four clock was morning when I was in the Georgian Terrace Hotel, where Hannibal had spent myself. To continue The author would like to hear from you. Han -mail wyzman34 aol. com or yahoo wyzman_wryter. com
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